Connecting real estate agents without time to agents with time

Get paid to show homes in your free time or hire showing assistants on demand.




Hiring Showing Assistants

Simply insert the details of your client, date and time requested in the HIRE tab. Once the system finds agents in the requested area the SHOWAIDE app will ask you for property addresses and a showing assistant will be set up! Voilà

Show homes for $$

Turn on the showing assistant job offers in the SHOW tab. Simply enter a zip code and your desired radius where you will be available. When a job becomes available, you will be notified and have the opportunity to accept the showings.

Open Communication

Both agents can communicate via text or phone call with eath other and the client(s) for more info. There is also a text chat feature built in the app.

Powerful Dashboard

As a hiring agent, you can see what agent is assigned to your job and updated on job progress. Have they requested the showing? Has it been approved? Have they completed the showing? As a showing assistant you can see which properties to show and times to be scheduled.


Frequently Asked Questions

SHOWAIDE is a peer to peer app connecting real estate agents. This allows them to easily assist each other.

Showing assistants can sign up to earn cash by simply showing homes. Hiring agents are free to spend their time on other activities knowing their clients can get into homes easily.

SHOWAIDE is available on the apple & android app stores. After creating an account and editing your profile, your account will become active after review by our team. Once active you will be able to SHOW or HIRE.

Hiring starts at $40 for one home at a time and goes down to $30 per home as you approach 5 homes in a single showing.

Showing assistants are paid for showing homes only and are not part of the hiring agent's transaction. They will not receive any commission that may be earned by the hiring agent in the future.

Once an assistant has been matched, both the hiring agent and the showing assistant will have the ability to call each other. This allows for open communication to reiterate any special instructions and for client feedback.

SHOWAIDE is a peer to peer app, meaning it will work anywhere agents are using it. It does need a certain amount of agents in any area to work appropriately. SHOWAIDE launched April 2021. Please share this app & review it in the app stores to help ensure SHOWAIDE availability.

SHOWAIDE showing assistants earn between $25-$35 per home.